Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update from the Apples


9,821 apples just appeared on my computer screen revealing the layout of the first floor of Sugarcube Corner with an accuracy of 1-3 inches.  Not everything in the main shop is marked out yet, but the details that are there are stunning!  I'm having a geek attack here folks.  This right here... is dedication to detail.  Make sure to send all your praise to Scraticus, the inventor and master of the APPLE System (Approximate Pony Placement for Length Evaluation).  He's going to bring a level of accuracy and detail to Ponyville that hasn't been seen anywhere else yet, and I seriously doubt ever will!


  1. Uber badass to a sickening degree.

  2. Thats one way to describe it!

    It is very satisfying to know that the paradox known as SugarCube Corner will be blown away.

    Was a long process though.