Friday, July 22, 2011

Apples, Apples, Apples! (Proof of Concept)

Well it's about time for me to make a post about the APPLE scale I've been using within the show.  This is Scrat by the way.

I won't bore you with the hows or the why's.  I will just let you enjoy the comparison proof of concept shots I've done of the ScC kitchen.

There are some perspective errors, of course this is to be expected as they will adjust character positions to better face the camera, as well as 'adjust background items' so areas are wider for the ponies to move about in, like the counter in SCC's kitchen, it moves every episode.  Also, the kitchen will be modeled properly to look like the show.  At the moment it is all placeholders, set to the right height by the apple measurements.

Still I've done two proof of concept shots on accuracy, the first is a long panning shot showing a tired applejack.  The boxes in the background are only placeholders.  I wanted to ensure the scale and placement was working on a show comparison level. To match it up to the panning shot, I needed to change the camera to 50mm so I got a wider picture.

There is a bit of perspective error, mainly due to the 35mm - 50mm panning difference. It is purely there for placement.

The second one has a tiny Applejack sitting in for Applebloom, in Pinkies song (Cupcakes).

This has much less perspective error, as I've used the same HDTV settings, (1080p) to set the camera up, and as such it enables us to create show accurate shots, which gives us the option for crazy camera angles and perspectives of our own.

This shot shows the accuracy obtained.  (I've not adjusted the perspective to match the show here.  I wanted to show you how close it was without doing so.)

This is a bit of a spoiler for us here at Thinking with Ponies, but I felt you'd like to know the extra mile we're going for accuracy.  Secondly, the craziness of Sugar Cube Corner was a challenge for me waiting to happen.

I will be producing a Scale Map for everypony to use shortly.

For now, APPLES!



Skyclimber here,

Quick addition or two from Scrat for all y'all.  (He was short on time at the moment of posting and asked me to tack these onto the end.)

First off, these scale maps are going to be actual straight up engineering diagrams, Autocad and everything.  If you've ever wondered how wide a particular door or counter in the show was, now you'll know with a single glance!

Secondly, we still need several Source bronies who know how to mod a Valve game.  We've got plenty of modelers (although we could always use one or two more), but we're seriously lacking in game making folks.  If you're interested in modding Portal 2, if you want to work with multiple portal guns at the same time, if you want to add quadruped motion to a bipedal game, if you want to see the most epic battle with GLaDOS ever conceived come to life, join our team!  Send us a message if you're interested, and we'll see you on the Wave!


  1. Wow you are already doing an amazing job so far, I really can't wait to play on it once it's done o.o
    Unfortunately I don't know anything about Source modding, but maybe you could try the Steam forums?

  2. Is it bad thinkingwithponies is more recommended then the official portal site to me now? :P

    Good luck with your endeavour, wish I knew some source modding so I could help.

  3. Gonna guess that this mod'll never get finished. :P

  4. @ActionScripter9109

    Sorry man, it's just that I've seen loooooots of various projects like this just suddenly stop. I would really like if you guys would update more often, even small things to ensure the project's still in the works.

    Again, I'm sorry. I should've refrained from saying something like that. I'm just anxious to see more about this is all.

  5. @dundabre000

    I understand. It's all good. And I know just what you mean.

    I'll talk to the guys and see if we're ready to post more stuff. Rest assured, the team and project are alive and well.

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  7. Welp, time to start learning Source.

  8. @Nulono

    If you're serious about that, we can always use more coders.

  9. I'm as serious as my schedule will allow. I've been meaning to get more into game programming and this is the perfect excuse.

    I'll be starting from scratch, though, so don't hold your breath. ;)

  10. @Nulono

    We're kicking it into high gear over winter break. If you can get some of the basics under control by then, we may be able to make use of your skills. :)

  11. Okay, I've been talking with Aurebesh on DeviantART and stumbled upon a pretty significant oversight on my part, in that I don't have Portal 2 or a computer that can play it.

    Well, Christmas is coming up, so everypony cross your fingers. :P

  12. New plan: I'm buying my own. I just have to decide on one.

  13. @Nulono

    Well, it's just that in my experience, they are unreliable and come with all kinds of useless software that slow them down. Just a tip, in case you were entirely undecided. And of course, in the end, you could still use one to do work - this is just my two cents.

  14. Good news: I've settled on a computer (an HP, best processor for my money).
    Bad news: I won't have enough money left over to buy Portal 2.
    Good news: Christmas is coming up!

  15. Better news: I have plenty after all.

  16. I now have a Steam account, same username as on here.

  17. @Nulono

    Can't find you on the search. If you can find me, add me. Same name.

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  19. @Nulono

    Very good. We can discuss things on there.

  20. I have heard of the apple theory. I present a theory of my own. This is a copy of a copy of a post I attached to a thread espousing the eight-foot candy cane theory.

    I actually looked into [the eight-foot candy cane theory] and I am presently trying to find the site which espoused the much fabled apple-size theory to determine the height of the ponies. The problem with the eight-foot candy cane theory is that it conflicts with an already much more well-defined comparative height indicator as seen in episode 26: "The Grand Galloping Gala."

    Pay close attention, and you can compare the height of Octavia to that of a full-sized cello in episode 26. A full-sized cello is always 47 and 10/16 inches (minus the endpin [which is slightly extended in said episode]). I determined that this places Octavia about 36-38 minces in height—3 feet roughly. That means that Octavia is at least 3 feet in height when erect upon her hind hooves. I do not believe that the full-grown mares are 4 feet when on all fours as is apparently indicated in the eight-foot candy cane theory.

    We must also take note that Twilight is the one who mentioned "Eight-foot candy cane" to begin with. Twilight is so analytical that she would say eight-foot candy cane, when in fact, the candy cane is probably six feet from the ground at its highest point, and eight feet in TOTAL LENGTH—starting at the ground, arching at the six-foot mark, and sloping back down to reach a distance of eight feet "traveled". If true, the cello theory fits nicely this argument, placing Lemon Hearts in the background at about 2 1/2 feet when on all fours. Yes, the ponies are small. And, if they were any taller, they might seem too bulky and awkward. Notice the slender frames of Celestia and Luna?