Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Help! I've fallen and can't get up!

Alrighty guys, Cron here. As anyone has guessed, and a long time ago at that, this project has been quiiiiite dead. I forgot to mention a month ago that I was leaving the team and that a new team manager would be needed, because I was the used-to-be manager. The reason for departure was typically the busy-ness of real life events, plus I had my own plans for a different project because I preferred UDK over Source. 

My departure has resulted in a major absence of project movement and even a loss of a few other members. Most content that has been created for the project has been retracted by lost members. There never was a lot of content to begin with though. Most of the project has been a drag and heavily depended on a couple vigorous members to keep the project at least crawling. 

The project isn't entirely dead, just in cryo-stasis, waiting for a new leader/team manager to come in and get things heated up. If there's anyone out there with leadership skills, a decent understanding of what's required to make a Portal 2 mod, and the time to manage team members, you can contact me at crontihus@gmail.com. You probably won't get a response with the THWiP email. Right now this project can't accept anything but a new leader right now. If you're up to it, expect to partially flush the forums and start with a little amount of content, along with truncating the team and building it up again with dedicated members.