About Us

Our aim is to create a Portal 2 mod that depicts the events portrayed in the fanfiction Better Living Through Science and Ponies.  Players will control Chell as she navigates this new world and fights GLaDOS once again. While some details may change for game play's sake, the mod will stay true to the story in most respects.

We are currently accepting new members who are passionate about their work. If you'd like to give team membership a shot, you can start here. http://thinkingwithponies.freeforums.org/membership-application-t89.html

Our current members:

ActionScripter9109 - Owner + Prop Modeler
VFX Kid - Prop Modeler
NotaGoodUsername360 - Documenter/Game Writer
Scraticus - Level Designer
Skyclimber - Founder + Idea Guy + Cheering + Feedback
Fierce Brony - ...
Sonorous - Composer
Bill - Level Designer
Kirameki - ...
Cron - Co-leader/Team Manager + Character Modeler/Animator
KitlingLD - Concept Artist
F33 - Engine Coder/Scripter
Yelling At Cats - Voice Actor
CX7000 - Texture Artist

Last update: 7/8/12